Tips for buying a new Android Phone.

Google’s OS isn’t the most popular smartphone platform for no reason. Compared to iOS and Windows Phone, there’s a much wider array of hardware options from several manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, ZTE, etc.) in multiple sizes. Android is also much more open than iOS, which means smartphone makers can more easily innovate on top of Google’s software. That’s why a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3, for example, can run two apps on the screen at once, and a Moto X can respond to your voice without you having to touch the phone.
With more than 1 million apps, the Google Play store has pretty much everything you need, but Apple’s App Store tends to get some hot apps and games first. And while we like that Android is so flexible and customizable, some interfaces can be cluttered and/or difficult to navigate.

1)Research the phone and brand

Before buying a new android phone,you should spent a little time in researching the brand of your phone.See the rating of brand in your country,investment of company.

2)Read Reviews and Comments

It is the most important part for buying a new phone.Users reviews are real and give some important information about the phone you want to buy.You can check user reviews in many online shopping sites like snapdeal,flipkart etc.

3)Check the Features of phone


It consist size and type of display mean.It is of two types-

LCD Types-

TFT- Thin Film Transistor display.It offer much better color reproduction and more accurate viewing angles
IPS-In Plane Switching display.It offer strong viewing angles and low quality color reproduction.


It stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.It is old technology but gained popularity in recent days.It can create much better black colors and reduces battery usage.But this have a disadvantage also, it represent lower resolution because of much larger and visible subpixels. 

Ram(Random access Memory)

Ram is storage used for a place to hold data.It is used for one reason only Readindg and Writing to file storage.512MB, 1GB Ram are sufficient to run heavy games and applications.So buy a phone which has a good Ram.


A phone's processor is the brain of the device and a fast one will enable you to open apps quickly,play games smoothly and even edit videos.So buy a phone with a good processor.


Also look for camera features that you’ll actually use. The Galaxy S4 and Note 3 both sport a nifty Eraser mode feature that filters out photobombers from your images. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has prosumer-grade manual controls to help you get the best shot in all sorts of conditions. Optical image stabilization, which steadies your shots to reduce blur, is found in the LG G2 and Lumia 1020.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup should be kept in your mind before buying a smartphone.Therefore when you consider all features on an average note, then smartphone with the best battery backup is rightfully the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the fastest smartphone among the other besides being the smartphone with the best battery backup. That is an amazing combination, the fast and the best.

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