Hide Hard Disk without any software.

Today we will see How to Hide any Drive without any Software. We all have personal data in our Drives which we don't want any other person to see. In this case,it is very necessary to ensure all sensitive/personal documents are kept hidden from the view of such users. But how can you do that without any software? Then you are at the right place, In this Windows TipsI am sharing with you How to Hide any Drives without any Software. That describes exactly How to Hide any Drives without any use of third party Software. Just Follow these easy steps to hide any drives without any Software. Steps to Hide any Drives without any Software:
*Step-1: Right click on My Computer then click Manage. This will open Computer Management.

*Step-2: Under Storage,left click on 'Disk Management' and right click on the drive which you want to hide then left click on 'Change drive letters and paths...'.

 *Step-3:Click on 'Remove' then click 'Yes' and 'OK'. Now you can't find out your partition.

*Step-4:To get back the partition navigate to "My Computer >> Management >> Select drive >> Change drive letters and paths.." Now click on 'Add' option and Assign the following drive letter then click on 'OK'.

Try it yourself to enjoy Hidden Drives without any use of third party Software. It s all done. If you like my post, please share it with your friends & Comment In below for any problem / Help and don't forget to say "Thank You"

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