How to remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive/PC

Shortcut Virus is a type of malware which converts any files like Movies, Song, Games and into shortcut of size 1KB.
The extension of this virus is "filename.vbs" so you can recongise it easily.
It can be infect both your PC and Pendrive.
Now let us discuss on its solution.


 By using an application which is make specially for this virus. UsbFix is one of the top rated shortcut virus remover with more than 3000000 million users. It is fast free and powerful. It is a fast infection treatment system and infection found by this software are automatically sent to its development center for further update.
It will not only remove shortcut virus but also remove malware from your USB disk. UsbFix vaccinate your USB against further virus attack and creating shortcuts.

Download USBfix


By using Command Prompt. *.Now if your pendrive's Drive letter is G then typeG: in the dialog box and press Enter. Now type-
 attrib -h -r -s /s /dg:\*.*

 And press Enter. (Replace the 'g' with your Pendrive letter) Now your pen-drive will be OK.

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