How Refrigeration System Works ?

Refrigerator is a device which pump the heat from low temperature body to high temperature body.

Refrigerator works on various types of cycles like vapour compression cycle and vapour absorption cycle. Hence components of refrigerator also change according to the cycle used.
Now we discussed the Vapour Compression Cycle which is widely used in our homes.

*Vapour Compression Cycle System.

Component Used in VCC System is given below -

4.Expansion Valve.

1. Evaporator  -   The Function of evaporator is to absorbing the heat from our product like milk, water etc.

2. Compressor  -    Compressor compressed the refrigerant to increase its pressure and temperature .

3. Condenser    -      The Function of condenser is to reduce the temperature of refrigerant.

4. Expansion Valve  -  Expansion Valve is used to reduce the pressure instantley

Who Come First Chicken Or the Egg

Of all life’s unanswered questions, there are two that stand out as being the most significant and the most difficult to resolve - the meaning of life, and the origin of life.

The meaning of life? The answer to why the Universe exists? Well, I guess you could say we’re halfway there, because we already know the answer. We just have to figure out what that answer means. And the origin of life? Amazingly, we're actually finally making some progress on that one, because a new study has shown you can create the most simple building blocks of life using three things that would have been present in abundance on early Earth - hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and ultraviolet (UV) light.

But first, a little background. There are currently two main hypotheses for how life on Earth began. There’s the RNA world hypothesis, which states that RNA was the precursor for life because it can carry genetic information while also mimicking the actions of protein catalysts, which is crucial for spurring on vital reactions. Then there’s the Metabolism First hypothesis, which proposes that certain types of metal catalysts could have given rise to the organic molecules needed to trigger early life.

Both of these hypotheses have struggled to answer the ‘chicken and the egg’ conundrum of life’s beginnings though, as Robert F. Service explains at Science Mag:
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