Best Keylogger for Windows 8/8.1/10

Hi Guys, Today I am going to discuss on a key-logger named KeyProwler. Let us start from the basics.
The first question is what is key-logger ?

Keylogger is a type of software which is used to monitor user activity by means of  Recording Keyboard Key Strokes, Capture Screen Shots without the permission of user. If you are a parents, and want to know, what is your children watching and doing on the Internet. So this program is made especially for you. It is also used for hacking purposes which is not good.

About KeyProwler

KeyProwler Internet and PC Monitoring Software allows you to see what is going on with your PC by recording all keystrokes typed at your computer. KeyProwler allows you to get capture all website user and password information, as well as email and chat conversations. Nothing gets by KeyProwler!

Everything typed on the PC keyboard including passwords, usernames, invisible characters and other keystroke combinations will be captured, even when in Icognito/Private browsing modes!

KeyProwler internet monitoring software allows you to reveal password and user information, monitor the sites visited and photos looked at and also the web usage on your computer and review the users and activity on your computer:

Why  KeyProwler ?

  Applications and Keystrokes Logging
- Every Single Key is Guaranteed 100%
- Gets Facebook Passwords         KeyViewer® Advanced Report Viewer
- View, Search, and delete logs by date.
- Emails, Chats, MS Word, ect.        
- Recieve reports anywhere in the world.

Web Logging
- Facebook, Gmail, all Internet Pages.        
-  KeyProwler has password protection to prevent others from changing your configurations or viewing the log files 

Chat Logging
- Records Both sides of chat conversations using screenshots.        
- Pro version offers complete stealth!

Screenshot Logging
- Frequency of screenshots customizable.         Send Logs by Email Automatically
- Sending logs by e-mail makes it easy to set and forget.

HTML Reports
- KeyProwler can export reports to USB.     

*Send Logs/Reports by E-Mail.
*Password Protection.
*100% Stealth/Privacy Mode.

It don't block Task Manger and not detectable by Antivirus. It is not show in Programs and Features under Control Panel and Task Bar, hence can not be removed by anybody without you.There is no extra load on the Performance of the System.


Details  of  KeyProwler


OS Support  -  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Size - 1.2 MB 


Cost - Free

If you have any problem related to software, contact Key-prowler Support Team, which provides both Online and Offline Chat.

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